How to Create an Outline For All of Your Articles

How to Create an Outline For All of Your Articles!

There’s no way to sugar coat this…if you want to set up an internet marketing business you will have to be prepared to write articles and post them at least once a week. This post is all about teaching you how to create an outline for all of your articles.

No matter how many times anybody has written an article, it’s a task that people avoid! The only way around it is to outsource the job and pay somebody else to do it for you. This can be done fairly cheaply but this topic will be addressed in another post.  If you have a chosen a niche that you are really passionate about, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to write 750 – 1000 words a week!

You might be one of those people who don’t have any problems or fears about writing articles…that’s great, but for those people who do have a problem writing, it can be a major hurdle to get started and quite often they will abandon their dreams of setting up an internet business. If you are armed with some knowledge and ‘how to’ methods’, you will quickly come to realize that with a bit of research and preparation, the process is nowhere as daunting as you might think!

One of the methods you can use to prepare yourself before you start to write an article is to create an outline first. Start to jot down some headings or topics you would like to talk about. Once you can see the outline take shape on paper, your confidence will grow. You’ve got the idea of what you want to write about and the next step is to work out what you want to say. Once you see some main headings you can start to think how you are going to expand on the headings…I do bullet points!

Your outline can act as the design or blueprint for your article. This will lead you in the direction of formulating your introduction, body, and conclusion of the article. At this point, you can write down some of the ideas and sentences that you feel will look good in your article. This could be the focal point you need to help you make your article creative, interesting and appealing to a reader.

A carefully planned nad researched idea will guarantee you’re on the right track! Don’t put any pressure on yourself…make sure there are no distractions and just write whatever pops into your head. It doesn’t matter how crazy you think it is…just keep writing…you can add or delete what you don’t like later! Creating an outline for all your articles will help so you can breeze through writing an article in no time at all. Here are some tips and guidelines I use to create an outline for all of my articles.

Do some brainstorming and jot down your ideas first. Think of some ways which you think might attract the interest of your reader. Does your article provide an answer to a question you might have been looking for? Designate a time frame so you can write down all the ideas you can use for your articles. I usually set aside 30 minutes. By this time you should have done all your research and information searching. Review and reread your ideas and notes. What I do is pretend I am having a real face to face conversation with someone. You’ll be amazed how fast you bash out a 1000 word article!

The next step is to work out what your sub topic and sub titles are going to be. Make sure you have a headline which is going to catch your reader’s attention straight away! If you don’t grab the reader in the first 5 seconds or less, it’s likely they will click off your page and they will be gone forever. Make sure your subtitles are descriptive but to the point.

So that’s pretty much how to tackle the framework or skeleton of your article…now its time to add the main information of your article. You will need to connect all your paragraphs and sub topics. This will form the body of your Article. While the introduction has provided a brief description of what you are about to write about, and the body has supplied the information, you will need to write a conclusion. The conclusion will wrap up your points and drive home what you have written in your article.

I have always thought it’s a good idea to either write out a draft of your article on paper or type it out on a word document on your laptop or notepad. By doing this, not only do you have a permanent record of what you have written, but you will also be able to make corrections down the line if some of your information needs to be updated or corrected at some point in the future! This may take more than one attempt but remember that it’s called a draft for a reason. As you progress with your article, you will quickly and clearly see the bigger picture and write an article that will perfectly deliver what you want to say.

This might take more than one attempt but remember that it is called a draft for a reason. Sometimes it takes me up to 20 revisions! Your outline will be perfected as each draft is corrected…watch your literary masterpiece manifest itself right before your eyes! As you perfect the article, it won’t take long for you to clearly see the bigger picture and write an article that you will be proud to call your own!

Re-read and re-read what you have written down. Always refer to your outline so that you don’t veer off course from what you had originally written down. It’s not hard to be caught in the moment and get lost in your writing frenzy! Your outline will help you keep on track. All those hours spent in outlining your article will not go to waste. This will serve as your guide in writing articles. Trust and rely on your outline because this will prove to be a very helpful tool in writing all of your articles.

Thanks for finding my post…until next time…

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  • Karin Bauer

    Reply Reply November 2, 2016

    Thanks for the helpful information! I enjoyed reading your article.
    I am a novice writer and continue writing to improve my skills.
    I can’t do much more than 500 words per article at time, but as my skills build up, it will not take me long to master a 1000 word article!

    • stephenedgar

      Reply Reply November 4, 2016

      Hi there Karin…
      Thanks very much for leaving your comment.
      Practice makes perfect…so they say!
      You’ll be writing 1000 word articles before you know it!
      All the best…

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